iGenres 1.0.2

Change the pictures that represent genres in iTunes


  • Simple to use
  • Lots of genres to choose from


  • No way for other users to share their creations


The genre images that go with iTunes can be dull and there's no way of being able to change them within iTunes itself.

iGenres allows you to easily replace covers that are listed in iTunes to represent every genre with some really cool alternatives. The developer's website gives you a great idea of what's possible with some stunning creations for genres such as Britpop, Indie and Jazz. To change an image, simply select the desired gender and drag the image you want to use from now on. iGenres automatically resizes images so that they fit correctly.

If for any reason you feel that that you don't like the image you've selected, iGenres offer an undo button which takes you back to your original starting point. There are literally hundreds of images to choose from covering every imaginable genre. There's not much to criticise it for really other than it may have been nice to have some kind of user forum where other users could share their creations.

iGenres allows you to make very simple image changes to genres in iTunes that don't make much difference to your listening pleasure but give your collection a touch of individuality.



iGenres 1.0.2

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